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The Cryeye project, Worlds largest automated security aggregator with over 1500+ auditing scans to optimize the security of your organisation. Speeding penetration testing up to as much as 50% or more. Optimize your security, increase value, and reduce costs.

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vulnerability scanner consisting of more than 1500 automated audits which have been integrated and provide extensive data reports.

Company Background

Founded in Odessa Ukraine, CQR is an IT security company that was created by world-class security experts, internet promotion experts and senior software engineers over 12 years ago.


Experienced programmers, developers, and white hat hackers with the knowledge that you need for 360 system security.


Easy to use full system service scans give business owners a peace of mind knowing they have in-depth reports even if they are not Technologically-savvy.

Audit based


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The idea of Cryeye is to automate the maximum number of audits for servers, websites and applications to produce a blueprint which allows you to have a birds eye view of your project. Our interface allows even users with a low level of computer knowledge to be able to have high level detailed reports about critical security threats to deep recon company identity issues.

Natrix is the world's first fully automatic audit platform that solves the issue of scalability
Natrix is the world's first fully automatic audit platform that solves the issue of scalability
Natrix is the world's first fully automatic audit platform that solves the issue of scalability
Natrix is the world's first fully automatic audit platform that solves the issue of scalability
Natrix is the world's first fully automatic audit platform that solves the issue of scalability



What are our major goals?

Q2 2008

the idea of a web scanner appeared when our penetration testers started automating their projects by writing simple code to lighten their work load. Realizing our programmers had done better work than the competition available we began to build and integrate.

Stage 2
Q4 2010

We had integrated 70 audits mostly directed at SEO, Security and some server audits. We came across problems such as its not async, bad code structure, not suitalbe for programming (PHP) security audits, high load and poor server configurations. We finished the project but we could consider it as completed.

Stage 4
Q1 2013

We decided to start developing a new version of the scanner, we hired more programmers and for the next year and a half we built the foundation to what we call the Cryeye project.

Stage 6
Q3 2016

Optimized the engine, newly designed interface, and started to unit and vulnerability test the Cryeye project.

Stage 8

Bugfixing and integrating more audits, expanding the scanner further.

Stage 10
Q1 2020

Project goes live and ready for presentation at global IT security conferences.

Stage 12
Q1 2007

CQR the mother company to Cryeye was created providing services such as SEO, Security, Website development, Web-application and software development.

Stage 1
Q3 2009

First version of our web scanner was created based purely on PHP, it took aproximately one year to get the program up and running. Since we knew this was an experiment we used PHP acknowledging we will lose time and money in order to get the required testing and experience.

Stage 3
2011 - 2012

CQR was expanding rapidly, we had fully developed, advertised and sold several start-ups, then taking on bigger clients our focus was on providing the best service while Cryeye was only being used in-house on security projects for it was not ready to be released.

Stage 5
Q2 2015

Having built the framework and interface we had a company meeting with our developers, managers and designers discussing the future of Cryeye, if we should sell it as a service for we already are using it to enhance operations in our client profiles. This would mean we would have to create a new design for commercial purposes and increase funding.

Stage 7
Q4 2017

Excruciatingly hard work was put in to finish the back-end and server engine processes, we've fully tested current vulnerabilities and unit tested all modules. Started development of single module functions inside the engine.

Stage 9

Looking for investments. Finishing the project. Attracting first clients.

Stage 11

Our Team

Our Team

Alex Donovan

Security Specialist & HR (co-founder)

Alexey Tinkoff

Team Lead

Alex Ethic

Certified Security Specialist

Alexander Sizov

Senior Developer

Maria Melentjeva

Junior Developer

Vladislav Novotnyi

Junior Developer

Gleb Nazdrachov

Quality Assurance Tester

Sergey Zamash

Middle Developer

Ruslan Shimon

Business Development

Scanning Steps

  • Step 1


  • Step 2

    Data gathering & Enumeration

  • Step 3

    Social engineering

  • Step 4

    Penetration testing

  • Step 5

    Exploitation & Network takeover

  • Step 6

    Detailed report

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For Clients, Resellers and Investors.

Provide us with all information about your project and servises you are looking for.

If you are looking for Red Teaming or penetration testing from our site you can use our services from website.

If you are looking forward to use our project (Cryeye project), web vulnerability scanners aggregator please make sure to let us know all information about your project.

Please use contact form, call us or schedule meeting in your office or in our place.

For each client we provide separate server with sudbomain on our service, unlimited internet connection and hardware usage, full support and individual database. Our product is made for private use of clients who are looking forward for long-term relationships with us.

We provide updates faster then vulnerability become public which gives ability for our clients to make sure they secure.

If you are looking for Reselling our project or services please make sure to take a look on our services here:


We Will be glad to have a talk with you over skype, phone or IM.

Please make sure to read our whitepaper, see our landing page and watch all our videos.

We will be glad to talk with you over skype, phone or personal meeting.

Please make sure to let us know if you are interested in our team and project.

Please use contact form, call us or schedule meeting in your office or in our place.

For now we are looking forward to co-work with few big investors in order to help us promote our product and compete with competitors on high level.

Who We Are

CryEye Team


Main focus of our team is to gather best minds from different IT specializations to build the best product. We are great at pentesting, social engineering, web development, data analysis, online marketing, UI/UX design and front-end development.

Our professional
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Frequently Asked Questions


Is project developed in CQR company for web vulnerability scanning. It has so many features! Please see whitepaper.

We have a passion for IT security, and we treat your products as if they were ours. We are implementing all learnings and the best practices and deliver ready-made solutions to you.

Paypal, SWIFT, cryptocurrency, Western union or ask our manager for custom payment method.

HQ CQR is located in the United States of America, address: CQR INC. | 1801 FOREST DR, DELTA JUNCTION, AK 99737, TEL: 1.907.302.2502. Currently our main team is in Ukraine, Odessa and we are ready to talk with you in our office anytime you will be here.

No. We do not allow to use our project to scan third-party projects. We allow to scan only own projects or projects of your clients if you show proof letter or contract where we will see you have permission.

Because we do not hide ourselves and we can sign any types of documents with any security and confidentiality level. Our employees all have perfect background and all passed trust tests and had full background check.

Sure. Support is included in all our services including CryEye project and we will be glad to help you with ANY type of resolution on any problems we face.

Sure. We can provide you specialist who will help you with project and can also be your consultant.